95.9 FM CKUW Launches Fourth Annual Fundrive

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The funding drive is an event tackled by campus and community radio stations across Canada on an annual basis. 95.9 FM CKUW, the campus radio station based out of the University of Winnipeg, is no exception. February 14 - 21 marks the station’s fourth annual ‘Fundrive’, the one time in the year when the station appeals to the public for financial support.

Obvious reasons for holding a Fundrive aside, CKUW remains staunchly connected to its immediate surroundings in downtown Winnipeg, the community that it works hard to reflect and celebrate. With over 150 volunteers programming 80 shows to keep the station running 24 hours per day, seven days per week, Fundrive’s main goal is to congratulate both the hard work of its programmers and the devotion of its listeners with a week of specialty programs and live entertainment.

“Our listenership is growing and the importance of CKUW in people’s lives is growing,” says Station Manager Rob Schmidt. “Fundrive is a chance for our listeners to demonstrate their support in a very concrete way.”

Once again, CKUW has lined up a week full of specialty programming and live events. CKUW’s dedication to the local music scene does not go unnoticed by the musicians it supports, who readily volunteer their time to perform at the series of fundraising concerts. The station presents countless CD releases and concerts and fills its airwaves with music from independent and emerging artists, in addition to its community outreach and initiatives. Like its counterpart at the University of Manitoba, UMFM, CKUW helps to fill a void left by mainstream radio, which is invaluable to both listeners who would not otherwise be exposed to this music, and to the musicians who create it.

Nearly half of the not-for-profit station’s annual operating budget is brought in through Fundrive, the remaining amounts as a result of student levy and advertising revenue. Fundrive 2002 saw over $48 000 pledged to CKUW, and the station feels it is well on its way to surpassing any goals set for 2003.

Listeners and supporters can tune in to CKUW at 95.9 FM or listen live across the world at www.ckuw.org.

Fourth Annual CKUW Fundrive Concerts:

- Friday, February 14 – West End Cultural Centre: Giant Sons, The Panty Apples, Break Bread (Pip Skid, Gruf, John Smith) and the Royal Winnipeg Porn Orchestra

- Wednesday, February 19 – Pyramid Cabaret: Cone Five, Charlie Redstar, Freeman and The Perms

- Thursday, February 20 – Royal Albert: The Hestons, Fabulous Kildonans and Hot Live Guys

- Friday, February 21 – Riddell Hall, University of Winnipeg: The Paperbacks and Nathan

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