Eleven Manitoba Artists To Play Canadian Music Week

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The 21st annual gathering of Canadian Music Week in Toronto February 26 – March 1 will host some of the largest numbers of Manitoban artists ever to make the trip to the festival. Eleven showcasing artists will perform for the gathered media, artists and guests in a hectic three nights of festival performances.

Doc Walker, Easily Amused, Loco, Madrigaia, Monica Schroeder, Paper Moon, Terry Vain and the Itch, Shaun MacDonald and the Gentlemen, Steeplechaser, Rudimental and The Telepathic Butterflies have all been invited to perform at CMW. Winnipeg-based label Endearing Records will have a five-band showcase, co-presented CMW and Exclaim! Magazine.

Standing out among the hundreds of bands at CMW can be a challenging task, but Winnipeg hard rock quartet Loco intends to capitalize on its scheduled hour.

“We got a really good time slot,” Loco vocalist/guitarist Art says about his band’s 11pm performance time at the Kathedral on February 28. “They put it together really properly. This time it’s all heavy bands playing, so it’s a good match. Other festivals haven’t done that, they’ve had us playing with a pop band or something.”

Art credits Canadian Music Week for its strong promotional potential.

“It’s a good opportunity to get out in front of the industry people, even people who weren’t necessarily there to see you. We want to get a good buzz out of it, then those people go back and tell more people.”

"It's just something you have to plan for and go and do,” explains singer/songwriter Monica Schroeder, who has attended CMW several times and who is featured in the latest issue of Macleans. “You keep running into the same people, industry and artists, that you wouldn't otherwise be thrown together with."

Canadian Music Week strives to promote and expose a wide variety of Canadian music to the industry and the public every year. A&R reps from across the country and beyond gather to discover that next “big thing” while general audiences can take in some incredible music from artists they wouldn’t otherwise see. For musicians, CMW can be a crucial part of their success.

The complete list of Manitoban artists showcasing at CMW 2003 is as follows:

- Doc Walker: Thursday, February 27, 12am - El Mocambo
- Easily Amused: Friday, February 28, 11pm - Cameron House
- Loco: Friday, February 28, 11pm - Kathedral
- Madrigaia: Saturday, March 1, 10pm - Tranzac Club
- Monica Schroeder: Friday, February 28, 10pm - Victory Café
- Paper Moon: Saturday, March 1, 11pm - Silver Dollar
- Terry Vain & The Itch: Friday, February 28, 12am - Bovine Sex Club
- Shaun MacDonald and the Gentlemen: Friday, February 28, 11pm - Clinton’s
- Steeplechaser: Saturday, March 1 - The 360
- Rudimental: tba
- Telepathic Butterflies: Saturday, March 1 - Rancho Relaxo

For more information on Canadian Music Week, check out www.cmw.net

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