Manitoba Nets 33 Nominations at 2004 WCMAs

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Manitoba artists are a dominant force in the list of this year’s Western Canadian Music Award nominees, which was announced at a press conference at the MARIA office on August 17. Local artists account for 33 nominations in 20 different categories, leaving only two WCMA categories without a Manitoba name.

Nominees include punk poets The Weakerthans, rockers The Harlots, children’s artists LuLu and the TomCat, and pop/duo Easily Amused. Easily Amused, prior to hearing the announcement of their nomination for Simple Stuff, played their song “Better That Way” to kick-off the press conference. Kimberely Dawn, The Wailin’ Jennys The Harlots, The Weakerthans, and Doc Walker all stand to win multiple awards. In addition to being up for Oustanding Country Recording Award, Doc Walker is up for Entertainer of the Year, against big names acts like Nickelback, Sarah McLachlan, and Nelly Furtado. The Entertainer of the Year Award is fan-based, allowing the public to vote online at the WCMA website.

Twenty Manitobans have also been nominated for the Industry Awards. Popular local venues the West End Cultural Centre and The Collective, industry veteran Chris Burke-Gaffney, and studios Private Ear Recording and Studio 11 are all up for awards, as well as Arbor and Smallman Records, and departing Folk Festival artistic Director Rick Fenton.

The 2nd Annual Western Canadian Music Awards Gala - which will take place in Calgary on October 3 – will feature 21 awards presentations, performances, guest appearances and a multi-media display. The Gala will feature some of the west’s best, including homegrown emerging country superstars Doc Walker, Burnt, and Manitoba ex-pat Joel Kroeker. Calgary’s The Stampeders will be inducted into the Western Canadian Music Hall of fame with a tribute to cap off the evening.

The Western Canadian Music Awards take place September 30 to October 3 and include the Gala, an interactive music conference and multi-genre music festival. Seventeen Manitoba artists have been selected to participate in the festival – which takes place in premiere venues in downtown Calgary - including Christian rapper Fresh I.E., jazz vocalist Jodie Borle, francophone rockers Kraink, singer/songwriter James Keelaghan, and country mainstay Foster Martin Band. Many of the festival performers are also WCMA nominees.

The WCMAs present an incredible opportunity for emerging and established artists to be a part of the western Canadian music community. Participating artists and other music professionals have the chance to meet key industry stakeholders, creating the opportunity for a new wave of exciting industry developments from record deals to international tours. This year sees a larger contingent of international delegates, with nearly 30 international buyers (agents, A&R repts, festival directors, record distributors) from Australia, Europe, UK, and across the US, coming to seek out new talent for export.

The festival has expanded this year, including a record number of showcases presented by western Canada’s top record labels, including Winnipeg’s own Endearing. The conference will host an Independent Canadian Label Forum to accommodate a discussion with Canada’s growing number of indie labels.

For the second year in a row, the WCMA is distributing compilation CDs featuring an variety of this year’s WCMA nominees. This year the CDs will be available throughout Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan and were sponsored by Big Rock Breweries.

The 3rd Annual Western Canadian Music Awards will take place in Vancouver, BC October 20th thru 23rd, 2005.

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2004 WCMA Nominees Manitoba acts are in bold

Outstanding Rock Recording
Matthew Good Band - Avalanche
The New Pornographers - Electric Version
Jack Tripper - 9 Easy Pieces
The Harlots - Crawl Spaces
Nickelback - The Long Road
Veal - The Embattled Hearts

Outstanding Pop Recording
Nelly Furtado - Folklore
Sarah McLachlan - Afterglow
Jann Arden - Love Is The Only Soldier
Joel Kroeker - Melodrama
Easily Amused - Simple Stuff

Oustanding Country Recording Award
Kimberlely Dawn - I'm Going Home
Foster Martin Band - On a roller coaster ride

Aaron Pritchett - Something goin' on here
Doc Walker - Everyone Aboard
Undertakin' Daddies - Devil in the rearview

Outstanding Rap / Hip Hop Recording
Sweatshop Union - Natural Progression
Moka Only - Low Down Suite
Swollen Members – Heavy
Pipi Skid - Funny Farm
McEnroe – Disenfranchised
Outstanding Christian Recording
Jill Paquette - Jill Paquette
Steve Bell & Sarah Bell - Sons & Daughters
Fresh I.E - Red Letterz
Jaylene Johnson - Finding Beautiful
Sterotrap – Refusing
Outstanding Instrumental Recording
Great Uncles of the Revolution - Blow the House Down
Martin Mayer - This is who I am
Stephen Franke & Noises from the toolshed - Songs for a Platinum Blonde Diner Waitress
Bob Evans - The Voice in the Grain
Joel FaFard - Rocking Horse
Outstanding Blues Recording
Big Dave Dave McLean - Blues from the Middle
Jim Byrnes - Fresh Horses
Shaden Garett & The Stratospheres - Shaden Garett & The Stratospheres
The Mocking Shadows - Out of the Blue
Aylie Sparkes - Beautiful & Deranged
The Agnostic Mountain - St. Hubert

Outstanding Roots Recording
The Wailin' Jennys - 40 Days
Doug Cox & Todd Butler - Dobro & Guitar
Po'Girl - Po' Girl
The Clumsy Lovers - After The Flood
Mae Moore & Lester Quitzau - Oh My!

Outstanding Francophone Recording
Jeff Staflund - Ma Nature
Danielle Hebert - Aventuriere Accidentelle
Valjean - Au-Dela
Kraink – ROI
Leo Dufault - Juste pour elle

Outstanding Aboriginal Recording
Eagle & Hawk - Mother Earth
Burnt - The Avenue
Jill Paquette - Jill Paquette
Wayne Lavallee - Green Dress
Kimberley Dawn - I'm Going Home

Outstanding Children's Recording
Rick Scott & Harry Wong - The 5 Elements
Jennifer Gasoi - Songs for You
Lulu and the TomCat - 3, 2, 1 Kadoozee
Linnea Good - Swimmin' Like a Bird

Outstanding Jazz Recording
Ian McDougall Sextet - Nights in Vancouver
Chris Tarry - Project 33
Karin Plato - The State of Bliss>br? Marilyn Lerner/Sonny Greenwich - Special Angel
Jillian LeBeck - Living in Pieces

Outstanding Classical Recording
CBC Radio Orchestra - Hetu: Concertos
Tracy Dahl - Rhymes & Reveries
Borealis String Quartet - Classic Borealis
Manitoba Chamber Orchestra/Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra - Canadian Composers Portraits
Chor Leoni Men's Choir - Yuletide Fires

Outstanding Classical Composition
Glenn Buhr - Track 7 (Illuminations)

Robert Turner - Third Symphony (Canadian Composers Portraits)
Malcolm Forsyth - Je reponderais (Solus)
Allen Gordon Bell - Danse Sauvage (Solus)
Molonari Quartet - String Quartet No. 2 (Blue Ocean)

Outstanding Album - Major Label
Matthew Good – Avalanche
Jann Arden - Love Is The Only Soldier
Nickelback - The Long Road
Nelly Furtado – Folklore
Michael Buble - Michael Buble

Best Independent Album Award
The Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site
Sweatshop Union - Natural Progression
Panurge - Throw Down the Reins
54.40 - Goodbye Flatland
The Wailin' Jennys - 40 Days

Songwriter(s) of the Year
John K. Samson/The Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site
Sarah McLachlan – Afterglow
Joel Kroeker – Melodrama
Jann Arden/Russell Broom - Love Is The Only Soldier
The Be Good Tanyas – Chinatown

Producer(s) of the Year
Jann Arden/Russell Broom - Love Is The Only Soldier (Jann Arden)
Steve Bell & Dave Zeglinski - Sons & Daughters (Steve Bell & Sarah Bell)
Track & Field - Folklore (Nelly Furtado)
Ross Nykiforuk - It's A Good Life (The Northern Pikes)
Steve Dawson - Fresh Horses (Jim Byrnes)

Video of the Year
Kyle Davidson - In a World Called Catastrophe (Mathew Good Band)

Darren Wall - Crawl Spaces (The Harlots)
Oh Ellin! (Gob)
Joe & Marvin - The Thing About It (Sweatshop Union)
Benjamin Wienstien - Reconstruction Site (The Weakerthans)

Entertainer of the Year
Nickelback - The Long Road
Doc Walker - Everyone Aboard
Sarah McLachlan – Afterglow
Micheal Buble - Michael Buble
Nelly Furtado – Folklore

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