Party Girl Settles Down, Creates New Training Opportunities

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One of the Manitoba music industry's most colourful figures is trading in the party life for stability this weekend. Susan Krepart - MARIA's Music Industry Training Coordinator - will wed long-time beau Owen Mooney on June 18.

Krepart is perhaps best known for her six years as Music and Features Editor of Winnipeg's only entertainment weekly, Uptown Magazine. She did a brief stint with local all-female pop supergroup The Panty Apples, alongside Keri Latimer and Shelley Bilewitch of Nathan before joining the MARIA staff in 2003.

Sam Baardman, MARIA's executive director, believes that Krepart's marriage will have a positive effect on the Manitoba music industry.

"Susan's marriage will serve to strengthen her understanding of the challenges faced by artists and industry professionals who have chosen to be married," says Baardman. "We would like to translate her new experience into direct training opportunities for MARIA members in a workshop entitled The Wedding Band: How to Stay Married in the Music Industry."

Baardman is expressive about Krepart's dedication to her job, explaining that she has forgone her honeymoon to prepare a proposal for the Wedding Band workshop.

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