FACTOR Jury Accreditation

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In efforts to ensure that the best and most qualified people are adjudicating submissions, FACTOR has recently instituted a Juror Accreditation process. Not only will this assure us and others that everyone involved with the juries has been recently screened, it will also allow a formal way for potential jurors to express their interest in participating.

Juries are held from coast to coast to coast three times a year, as a part of the approval process for the following FACTOR programs:

• Juried Sound Recording Program
• Demo Program
• Marketing & Promotion for Non-FACTOR Supported Sound Recordings

Click HERE for the Juror Accreditation form in PDF or HERE for the form as a Word doc, and please submit it to:

Sara Stasiuk
1-376 Donald Street
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2J2

Or email the completed form to: info@manitobamusic.com

For more information please call Sara Stasiuk at 975.0147 or email sara@manitobamusic.com

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