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A friend of mine likes to take a photo of someone and then press a couple buttons on his camera, claiming that the photo is instantly being posted to his website. Well, now it really is possible to do a wireless upload with the new Eye-fi wireless memory card.

Zune is Microsoft's competition for the iPod. The new edition looks great and features a wireless connection to your PC. The Zune is apparently launching in Canada this spring, although the accompanying music subscription service may not be available until later this year. That the ZuneCanada website "has been taken offline due to a lack of time to maintain the website," may be an indication that Microsoft isn't feeling too urgent about getting the product into Canada.

ScanLife is software for mobile camera phones that allows users to scan a 2D barcode and retrieve info, like a new music clip or a band's tour date info. I'm not sure if this is happening in Canada yet, please leave a comment if you know.


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