Don't Get Lefsetzed Behind

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One of the most interesting voices in the music industry wilderness right now is Bob Lefsetz, former major label consultant and entertainment business lawyer. Lefsetz has a lot to say about what's going on in the music industry and he doesn't hesitate to say it. He has strong and informed opinions on everything from iTunes to how much Justin Timberlake makes per stadium show. He also doesn't hesitate to publish his detractors, routinely sharing his inbox mailbag with his subscribers (including a pretty raunchy disagreement with one very angry Kid Rock back in November).

Anyone interested in reading is casual, lively, and sometimes lengthy musings can subscribe to The Lefsetz Letter.

Here's an example of Lefsetz at work in today's email about iTunes and Amazon:

"Remember when the labels held back online distribution to protect their brick and mortar retailers? You might ask WHAT brick and mortar retailers. Tower Records is history. Big boxes are shrinking floorspace. And the labels have ignored the indies, fucking them on price even though they're the last edifice standing. Look where this backward-looking strategy has gotten them. Endless decreases in sales this century. If you think these guys have a plan, if you think they can see straight, YOU'RE ignorant. All they know is the OLD business. Finding acts and forcing them down people's throats, conniving and bullying to make it all happen. Whereas the digital mantra is transparency."

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