Celine and Hillary

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Back in June, Canada.com reported that the Hillary Clinton campaign was going to use a song by Canadian pop diva Celine Dion.

The New York senator's run for the Democratic presidential nomination took on a distinctly Canadian flavour Tuesday when her campaign announced it had chosen Quebec songstress Celine Dion's 'You and I' as the candidate's official campaign song.

The selection of Dion's tune followed a month-long online contest that rejected somewhat nastier suggestions like Elton John's 'The Bitch is Back' and the Rolling Stones' 'Sympathy for the Devil.'
Globe and Mail columnists and Zoilus blogger Carl Wilson took special interest, since we was working on a book about Dion. In examining the relationship between the two women, he suggests, for example, a Lettermanesque "10 Ways that Hillary Clinton is Like Air Canada" list.

Wilson's book came out in December. In it, he examines how the top selling Canadian pop star can be so loved by so many, and at the same time so hated by the critics and taste makers.

But now Celine's presence in the US presidential campaign might be expanding. According to Wilson, someone in Barack Obama's campaign left the book out on the bus, and Obama leafed through it, perhaps looking for the clues on how to better understand his opponent.


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