Hacker Breaks Link between iTunes and the iPod

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Norwegian hacker DVD Jon has broken the link between iTunes and the iPod. His new software will allow users to copy music and videos purchased in iTunes to other devices like mobile phones, reports the Times Online.

"In doing so, the software breaks the copy protection - known as 'digital rights management' or DRM - that is built into all music that is bought from iTunes. Music bought from iTunes can be played only on the iPod."

DJD Jon -- a.k.a. 22-year-old Jon Lech Johansen -- and his company, DoubleTwist, has previously released software enabling iPod owners to play music bought from sources other than iTunes.

DoubleTwist maintains that its software is legal "because it only allowed a user who has already purchased music to copy it." The company's ceo and co-founder, Monique Farantzos, claims that they're simply helping friends sending things to each other. Apple disagrees and lawyers are already involved, indicating possible copyright infringement.

In other news, my third-hand iPod's battery works for approximately 10 seconds.


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