Pre-sale vs On-sale

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Oasis is coming to Winnipeg for the first time ever. They’ll probably never do it again. I’ve been a Brit pop fan for over a decade, and I’m sure not going to miss this concert, even if Liam is the most boring on stage performer ever. I’m still going. And I got floor seats when tickets went on sale yesterday.

Notice how I said “on sale yesterday.” Not “tickets go on sale Saturday.” I have a beef with presales. I’m not even sure you can even call it a presale. I bought them. They went on sale. There’s really nothing “pre” about it. Someone said “let’s have people be able to purchase them today.” Yeah. That’s called on sale. Not presale. I wonder why they even bother telling people that tickets go on sale Saturday. Those poor schmucks that wait till Saturday will be sitting up in the rafters. If you actually follow what the advertisement says you’ll NEVER get a good seat no matter how you try. No wonder concerts sell out in two minutes. Half the place was already sold out three days before you even typed in If everyone is taking advantage of the presale, why do they even have one? It’s like I was saying to Rachel Stone (who patiently listens to me spew random junk) that it’s similar to gas stations telling you that you will automatically get 3.5 cents off at the pump, when EVERY gas station is doing the same thing, so why don’t they just lower the advertised price automatically? It’s just all very confusing to me. I shake my head.

In this whole crazy world, there is still one thing that will shine a light through this crazy thing called the music business. I, Jodie Borle, get to be 13 again. Yes, that’s right. New Kids on the Block have been resurrected. I couldn’t be happier. Good thing I still have my “I Love Jon” sign. Looks like it’s coming out of retirement for their upcoming tour.

I wonder if they’ll have a presale???


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