Pitchfork Picks Up Canadian Funding Cuts Story

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Hipster indie music site Pitchfork Media ran a story on the role that Polaris Prize nominees Holy Fuck played in the recent funding cuts (non)announcement. Meanwhile, the band is preparing for a tour that includes 11 North American dates and 22 in Europe and the UK.
Sure, we'd call "Holy Fuck" a pretty poor band name, but that doesn't mean we'd call the Polaris nominees poor representatives of their Canadian homeland. The Canadian government, however, disagrees. ...

CBC News quotes the Canadian prime minister's press secretary Kory Teneycke as saying, "The [funding] choices made were inappropriate...because they were ideological in some cases, or the money was going to fringe arts groups that, in many cases, would be at best, unrepresentative, and at worst, offensive." Anne Howland, a spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Minister David Emerson, cited Holy Fuck as an example of such a group.
Similar stories also ran on Prefix and in Variety online.

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