CBC's Pucking Anthem Challenge

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Plenty of budding composers have answered CBC's call to compose the new theme for Hockey Night in Canada. The contest will help CBC replace the legendary anthem lost to CTV in a flurry of recent licensing problems.

The winner will get "bragging rights" for the broadcast, which will be used for the 2008-09 hockey season and "potentially beyond." They'll also get a nice $100,000, and half of the royalties for the song's public performance (the other half will be donated to minor league hockey).

Currently, Manitobans have submitted 166 entries to the contest. If my calculator is correct, that's out if a nationwide 5782. Click here to peruse the Manitoba entries. A cursory glance at the submitters shows some familiar names including some of Manitoba top artists. Site visitors can comment on and rate the submissions, which the panel of judges will take into consideration when making its decision.

And if you're thinking of submitting, you have until August 31.


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