WHY Song in Upcoming Film Trailer

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Local rock band WHY has lent their music to a new film trailer for the upcoming film South Pole Quest. The film features Ray Zahab, founder of Impossible2Possible, as he embarks on his quest to run across the South Pole. Impossible2Possible is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to inspiring, educating and equipping a generation to achieve both environmental and human sustainability. They host adventures, such as South Pole Quest, in hopes of inspiring and educating young people to help protect the planet. Click here to watch the trailer.

WHY is a strong advocate for many anti-poverty organizations as well as AIDS awareness organizations including Make Poverty History, The Global Fund, (RED) and Level Ground Trading Ltd among several others. When they released The Lazarus Effect in 2005, proceeds went to supporting OXFAM, an organization dedicated to fighting poverty and social injustice around the world.

Zahab has started incorporating more of WHY’s music in several other Impossible2Possible film projects. Turns out he’s actually the guy who ran across the Sahara Desert in Matt Damon’s film Running the Sahara.

The band's new song, “We Started Out (Somebody’s Baby),” is featured in South Pole Quest. WHY's latest full length album, Red, was a two year project in the making, and has had a lot of hype surrounding it since its release in 2007. Red’s title track and first single was #1 on Winnipeg ’s 92.9 KICK FM Top 40 for 4 weeks in a row and was also named Song of the Year.

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