It's a Wild World

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I remember watching a fun show on MuchMusic called "Too Close For Comfort" eight million years ago. The show played videos of songs that sounded a little too similar to another and then the host would analyze. I might be making this up. But if the show did exist and was on today, Coldplay would've landed on it. Again.

A few months ago, guitar legend Joe Satriani sued the British outfit, claiming that the title track of the band's latest release, Viva La Vida, ripped off the melody and chords from his song, "If I Could Fly."

Now Cat Stevens, er Yusuf Islam,  is crying foul over the very same song, saying that it sounds an awful lot like his 1973 song, "Foreigner Suite." Apparently, Stevens isn't looking for money. He just wants credit. You be the judge.

As an aside, I named my family cat Cat Stevens when I was about four years old.

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