Tom Cochrane was right... life really IS a highway.

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Tom Cochrane. Deborah Cox. The Barra MacNeils. Nathan. Moses Mayes.

You're probably asking yourself: What's up with the hodge podge of Canadian music talent?

The answer: they were all part of a big concert this week called "Rise Again 2009," raising funds for victims from this spring's Manitoba flooding.

This past Wednesday, Team (204) was out recording "Rise Again 2009," the big concert raising funds for Manitoba flood victims. The evening was pulled together by Tom Jackson and some of his close friends and went down at the MTC Centre.

Lasting 4 hours, the concert was a potpourri of Canadian music... TOM COCHRANE rocked out with our very own CHRISTIAN and SARAH DUGAS, DEBORAH COX blasted our minds with her wicked awesome voice, THE BARRA MACNEILS had a surprising amount of energy for a group that's been around for over 20 years...

...and our local talent was second to none:

NATHAN was eloquent and lovely.
MOSES MAYES made people sweat.

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