Meet the MusicWorks Panelists - Sound Advice: Music Management

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Here's an inside look at Stephen Carroll, Gourmet Delice, Paul Quigley, and Jason Burns who will be on hand for the 'Sound Advice: Music Management' workshop on Saturday, January 12.

Stephen Carroll, Empirical Artist Services

Empirical Artist Services is a Winnipeg based artist development company focused on long term strategic career management.

The company was formed by Stephen Carroll, the guitarist for the Canadian band The Weakerthans (ANTI). Stephen has been steering the successful development of that project for over 13 years, building an international reputation for himself and the band.

Under Stephen’s management, The Weakerthans have grown to become the most successful band of their generation to emerge from Winnipeg. They have an international reputation and are nationally beloved. The Weakerthans have now released 5 albums, a feature length tour film, and tour frequently all the major cites in the Western Hemisphere. In 2008, the band won four Western Canadian Music Awards, the XM Radio Artist of the Year, and the SOCAN 2008 Echo prize, and were nominated for two Indy Awards, all for their late 2007 album Reunion Tour.

In late 2009 Stephen began managing a new band from Winnipeg called Imaginary Cities. The band is positioned for success with international record deals in place and international touring on going. The band went to the number one spot on both Canadian college charts, making history for being the first band in the history of the Chart Attack Chart to hit number one prior to the release of their album.

In 2012 Stephen added a third band called Paper Lions to Empirical’s roster. Paper Lions are an Indie Rock band from Belfast, PEI whose music shines with sunny melodies and tales of lost youth. The band was formed in 2008 and managed to grow a huge fanbase from all over Canada since then. They just released their second EP ‘At long Creek’ which was downloaded over 10,000 times in the first two month after it’s release.

Stephen was named Manager of The Year at the 2012 Western Canadian Music Awards.

Gourmet Delice, Bonsound

Gourmet is the co-owner and co-founder of Bonsound, a Montreal-based, management, booking, record and pr company. The artists managed by Bonsound are DJ Champion, Malajube, Lisa LeBlanc, Les Breastfeeders, Radio Radio, Monogrenade, Philippe B and Groenland. He is also on the board of the Music Managers Forum. 

Paul Quigley, Upper Management/Hidden Pony Records

Paul has been actively involved in artist and tour management for the past seven years, working with artists signed to both major and independent labels; Canadian and international artists. What began as a few hours a week working in the management office of The Marble Index (signed to Universal Music), and then recently-reunited Lowest Of The Low, quickly turned into a full time position. It wasn't long before Quigley learned the ropes of the Canadian touring landscape - both from the office and from the tour van - from booking shows, budgeting tours and arranging rentals, to immigration paperwork and grant writing, to advancing shows and press schedules, to settling at the end of the night and loading the van.

Along the way, Quigley also spent four years as Festival Director of Canadian Music Fest (2007-2010). During his time with CMF, Quigley oversaw the festival programing and scheduling, working closely with venues, agents and promoters and helping to expand the festival from 450 artists over 3 nights in 2007 to upwards of 700 artists over 5 nights in 2010. Quigley is currently working with Upper Management/Hidden Pony Records, handling the day-to-day management for Rah Rah, Odds, and JUNO award winners Said The Whale. Being involved with the label aspects for the artists has given Quigley additional experience with release strategies and timelines and the associated marketing and promotion plans (and the grant applications that go along with them). With the latest Said The Whale album having already sold over 8,000 units in Canada since its March 2012 release, a new Rah Rah album released in Oct 2012, and a variety of Odds releases in the works, business has never been more exciting.

Jason Burns, Sonic Entertainment, Burnt Tree Entertainment

Jason Burns is the president of Burnt Tree Entertainment. With business partner Louis Thomas, Jason co-manages Hey Rosetta! from Newfoundland and Halifax-based Rich Aucoin. Jason also manages Old Man Luedecke from Chester, Nova Scotia. In 2011 and 2012 Jason won the award for Manager of the Year from Music Nova Scotia. Burnt Tree Entertainment is a part of Sonic Entertainment Group (SEG), a collection of companies comprised of Quay Management, Sonic Concerts, Sonic Records, and the Sonic Temple Recording Studio.

About the workshop

This panel of accomplished and innovative artist managers will discuss the state of the Canadian music industry and how managers are helping their artists navigate new opportunities and uncertainties. The workshop will address the different types of artist/manager relationships, and how managers work with their artist on creative and career development.

New artists, experienced DIY-ers, and aspiring artist managers will learn about the challenges of the current music marketplace, and how to overcome them. The panel will discuss the day-to-day work of a manager, as well as the long term planning and team building that goes into building a sustainable career.

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