Meet the MusicWorks Panelists - I STREAM, YOU STREAM: Releasing Music in the Post Album Age

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From left: Maureen Spillane, Heather Kelly

Meet Maple Music/Fontana North's Maureen Spillane and Heather Kelly from MUSI Artist Development/Pirates Blend Records, who will be on hand this Saturday,November 16 for I STREAM, YOU STREAM: Releasing Music in the Post Album Age.

Maureen Spillane, Marketing Manager, Maple Music / Fontana North
North Maureen is a marketing manager at MapleMusic Recordings and Fontana North. She moved into her current role after a seven-year stint at Toronto-based label and distributor, Outside Music. Now, working with some of the country’s brightest stars, like JRDN, Martha Wainwright and Royal Wood, along with international licensed-artists like Alabama Shakes and Radiohead, Maureen has over a decade of experience  in bringing great music and its creators to the forefront of Canada’s music scene.

Heather Kelly, MUSI Artist Development / Pirates Blend Records
Heather offers more than a decade of achievement-laden performing arts experience. She currently maintains roles as Founder/Artist Manager at MUSI Artist Development and Label & Artist Manager at Pirates Blend Records which is the home to notable acts including Bedouin Soundclash, Zaki Ibrahim, Saul Williams, A Tribe Called Red, Young Empires, Michael Rault and more.  

About the Workshop 
While the strategy of releasing music in a physical form is still the norm, record labels have seen a steady increase in different types of digital distribution and marketing for many years now. More and more, consumers get music from the comforts of their desired digital devices, while labels and artists struggle with decreased financial returns of streaming and download services, and an explosion of marketing options. A panel of industry professionals will discuss the challenges and opportunities in releasing music in the post-album age.


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