Transmission: Music Business Headlines

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AWAL The Ins & Outs of Signing a Record Deal 

Music Business Worldwide Apple is about to kill of iTunes

Medium What Next For Music Marketing?

Music Industry Blog Profit Didn’t Disappear, It Just Moved

Music Business Worldwide ‘Songwriters and publishers should never be an afterthought for digital services’

Amplify National Music Centre announces Indigenous Music Week at Studio Bell, June 19 to 22

Music Business Worldwide Soundcloud acquires rights management and distribution company repost network

The Globe and Mail Ontario eliminates Indigenous Culture Fund as government cuts millions of dollars in arts funding

Exclaim! Calgary's National Music Centre Plans Permanent Exhibit for Indigenous Artists

Music Business Worldwide Having raised $12.5M to date, stem quits DIY Distribution, increases its fees and focuses on ‘top performing artists’

Medium Regarding wellbeing working in the music industry…

Newswire Canadian Federation of Musicians Announce Major Breakthrough Affecting Travelling Musicians

Complex Even in the Streaming Era, Overnight Success Remains Risky as Ever

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