Transmission: Music Business Headlines

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Independent How to get more women performing on the main stage at music festivals

Hypebot Creating A Music Industry That's Safer for Women

Teen Vogue War on Women’s Shawna Potter Wrote a Book About Making Spaces Safer

The Star Music industry needs to support musicians who quit drinking

Rolling Stone Welcome to the Rolling Stone Charts

Vice This Is the Best Way for Artists to Fight Back Against Record Labels

Resident Advisor How music festivals are responding to the climate crisis

CBC What the Taylor Swift controversy tells us about who really profits from recording artists' work

City News What's the value of a master recording? Buffy Sainte-Marie and others weigh in

Billboard Why The U.S. Copyright Office Chose The Mechanical Licensing Collective

Music Business Worldwide When it comes to music distribution, artists should beware of the industry’s tourists

The Industry Observer New study explains just how Australians connect with music

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