Transmission: Music Business Headlines

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Pitchfork Massive Attack Launch Major Study of Music Industry Carbon Emissions

Music x Tech x Future Reducing Music’s Climate Impact Through Innovation

Complex Billboard Is Changing Merch and Album Bundling Rules for Album Charts in 2020

Vice A Rash of Booing Incidents at Concerts Reveals That Fan Culture Is Getting More Toxic

FYI Music News SOCAN Foundation Offers Equity Program For Female Producers

The Guardian New Rules: The Destruction of the Female Pop Role Model

Billboard German Parliament Awards Reeperbahn €20 Million for International Push

Complete Music Update Universal Music Unveils New Analytics Platform for Artists

Complex Against The Algorithm: Going Viral on Social Media Isn’t The Only Path to a Music Career

Music Business Worldwide Lyor Cohen: The Record Industry’s Intense Focus on Data Is Becoming a Problem

FYI Music News Music Publishers Canada's Create UK Mission

DJ Tech Tools Is Virtual Reality The Future Of DJing?

Transmission Music Industry Carbon Emissions Music's Climate Impact Billboard Merch and Album Bundling Rules Toxic Fan Culture SOCAN Foundation Equity x Producer Program Female Pop Role Model Reeperbahn German Parliament Universal Music Analytics Platform Social Media Algorithm Lyor Cohen Focus of Data Music Publishers Canada UK Mission Future of DJing

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