SPOTLIGHT SERIES | The Haileys on Debuts, Change, and Trusting the Process

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The Haileys

Welcome to Spotlight Series, a regular feature shining a light on emerging local music makers in the stellar music community in Manitoba. 

By Zoë Mills 

When Hailey Legary and Hailey Hunter posted a Kijiji ad looking for a drummer to join their rock band, non-Haileys were more than welcome to apply. Ultimately, Hailey Matiation earned the spot—not because of her matching moniker but thanks to a much deeper connection.   

Hailey Hunter and Hailey Legary met in high school and quickly bonded over music. The two eventually became regulars at local open mic nights—signing up as “The Haileys.”

Soon, Legary and Hunter decided to make The Haileys official. First, they’d need a drummer. Welcome, Hailey Matiation. 

“I was seven when I got my kit,” Matiation says. “I did private lessons and took band in school, then nothing, really, until I joined the Haileys.” 

The trio never imagined their name would be in flamy block letters on merch and album covers just a few years later.  

Their debut, self-titled album is out June 23, and an epic, same-day release show is in order at The Good Will. Expect new merch, specialty cocktails, and dramatic lighting in abundance.  

The album reflects the setlist from the first show the three ever played together back in 2021. Like their high-energy shows, the record will deliver a distinct and scrappy stadium rock sound.  

“It's big, it’s bold, it's clean,” Hunter says.  

In a way, the album is a time capsule. A snapshot of the band in its beginning, recorded with the skill and knowledge they’ve gained over their two years playing together. 

“My favorite part about the processes is that you can hear that we were getting more brave and curious with what we can do,” Hunter says. 

“We've built a really strong circle around us,” Hunter says. “I trust all the people that we work with. It takes a village.” 

With that bravery, the three will soon embark on their first tour. They’ll hit the road the morning after their Friday night release show. 

“Off to Thunder Bay, then a 15-hour drive to Toronto,” Legary says, rattling off the itinerary.  

The tour concludes with a set at Dauphin Countryfest on July 2. Not the first festival they’ve played but the biggest by far. 

“I’ve been before, so I’m excited to actually play there,” Matiation says. “We're not going as just people.” 

Hunter thanks the local music community for ensuring the group is prepared for the road. 

“We've built a really strong circle around us,” Hunter says. “I trust all the people that we work with. It takes a village.” 

The musicians are approaching the tour with open minds. Legary’s one goal? Make a mark. 

“I’m just hoping we gain a great learning experience,” Matiation says. “Just see what we can do and take it to the next level.”

Reflecting on memorable performances from their first years together, the three can’t forget to mention playing the West End Cultural Centre for Winnipeg Pro Wrestling’s Cold Out event. 

“They asked us to play in the literal ring. We set up the drums in the ring—everything was in there,” says Matiation. 

The pinch-me experience also offered an on-brand aesthetic, and the band plans to integrate the event visuals in one of two upcoming music videos for their heavy-hitter singles. 

“Between the two videos, there’s a big shift in vibes,” Hunter says, tight-lipped about the projects.  

Legary offers just one more detail, “One’s ending a story and one is starting something new.” 

The album release will mark the end of an era for the band. They already have new music written, but they don’t want to share it without a proper send-off for their first setlist. 

A self-titled album feels clever for The Haileys. The LP is an ode to their beginning, and their name really is just the beginning. The trio connects through the shared grit and intelligence they’ve developed as young women and emerging musicians, not just through a shared name. 

With love for what they do, a mark to make, and trust in themselves and each other, The Haileys drive forward; pedal to the metal.    

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