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Here's your regular go-to for the latest music business articles related to trends, news, market development, equity and inclusion, and important changes in today's evolving music industry.

Fortune Universal Music And Deezer Reveal An ‘Artist-centric’ Music-streaming Model That Most Artists Won’t Like

Music Business Worldwide Popular Artists To Get ‘Royalty Boost’ On Deezer As Platform Readies ‘Artist-centric’ Model With Universal Music Group

Financial Times Universal Music Strikes Deal To Reshape Streaming Economics

Digital Music News Streaming Services Must Pay Late Fees on Mechanical Licenses, US Copyright Office Rules

Billboard Twenty Years On, Record Labels Won the Music Piracy Battle With Fans, But May Be Losing the War

CBC From Indie Musicians To Pop Stars, Artists Turn To Mini-Residencies As An Antidote To Gruelling Tours

Variety TikTok Inches Closer To Global Attack On Music Streaming Biz

The Washington Post ‘I’ve Heard That Sound Before!’ How Sampling Influenced Hip-Hop.

Music Ally The Sandbox Guide To… Artist Activations in Roblox

Tech Crunch Apple’s BIS Acquisition Is A Bet On A Classical Music Catalogue, And On Building Cred In The Industry

Christianity Today Worship Artists Who Skip Labels Still Need Support

Digital Music News Streaming Officially Dominates The French Recorded Music Industry — Now 77% Of H1 2023 Revenues

Engadget Duolingo Will Soon Offer Gamified Music Lessons

Music Business Worldwide Why Goldman Sachs Believes That Spotify Will Remain The World’s Dominant Music Streaming Service In 2030

Stereogum Swedish Gangs Are Reportedly Using Spotify To Launder Money

CBC Arts Are White Noise Podcasters Messing With Spotify's Business Model?

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