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Here's your regular go-to for the latest music business articles related to trends, news, market development, equity and inclusion, and important changes in today's evolving music industry.

Variety Half of Bandcamp’s Staff Laid Off After Songtradr Acquisition

CBC Music Submitting To The Juno Awards? Juno-Nominated Singer Zenesoul Has 4 Tips

Billboard ‘Glocalization’ is Pushing Local Music Up the Charts and Driving Investment Globally

CIMA Cima Joins Forces With ADISQ And Soproq To Build The First And Only Pan-Canadian Royalty Collective Management Organization (CMO) Exclusively For Independent Music Companies And Artists

Western Gazette Student-Run Record Label Looks To Demystify The Music Industry

CBC Manitoba Some Manitoba Arts Institutions Face Major Deficits Driven By Inflation, Fewer Sales

Exclaim YouTube Developing AI Tool to Let Creators Use Artists' Voices

The Globe and Mail Universal Music, Bandlab Technologies Team Up To Protect Artist Rights Amid Rising AI Use

The Guardian Music Publishers Sue Amazon-Backed AI Company Over Song Lyrics

Variety The Power Of TikTok On A Tour

Billboard Mexican Music’s Unstoppable Rise: How TikTok Is Transforming Latin Music

Music Ally Streaming Service Marine Snow To Offer Equity To Artists And Listeners

Music Business Worldwide Universal Just Launched A Claims-free Music Subscription Service For Content Creators With 50,000 Tracks And 200,000 Sound Effects

Rolling Stone The Rise, Risks and Rewards of NFTs in the Music Industry

Digital Music News Universal Music Group and BMG Announce Potentially Far-Reaching ‘Alliance’ — With an Initial Focus on Physical Distribution

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