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Kirk / Country Life Band / Righthesong Band


Hello,my name is Kirk and going past a solo artist by starting the Country Life Band and Righthesong Band with the right people.

I have always enjoyed music for relaxing, dancing, as it goes back to Metis roots in the hills around San Clara where every weekend a put together band had a dance going in the local dance hall. Have been writing authentic and original songs for about 20 years and have suprised myself with some of the genres that I have written songs in letting the lyrics guide the direction including Rodeo, Hip Hop, Jazz, Bluegrass, Country and Indegenous. I personally enjoy a world wide variety of music as used to DJ events so a variety from fiddle dance tunes to Latino rythms to rock and roll.. I own a large percussion Pearl set  with conga, bongo, rotto toms, bells, blocks, shekere, etc. and I am also making a set of timbales to go with it. I have started doing all my own guitar setups and repairs for others because when your personal collection passes the point of just one more you lose count. I have written quite a few Rodeo and Country story telling type of songs to really enjoy the country and cowboy life. Expanding to play my own songs on whatever live venue will work, it's called playing music .... so play with it.  Like Banjos Mandolins Saxophones anything that can carry a tune.    

We have to enjoy life for the gift it is and music is one of those gifts.


Kirk Esau

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