Words and Music: Publishing Panel

Saturday, Nov 14, 2009 at 1pm
Mark Jowett, vp of publishing, Nettwerk Music; Cheryl Link, creative manager, Peer Music Canada; Patrick Curley, Third Side Music; Rodney Murphy, SOCAN
Manitoba Music Resource Centre
1-376 Donald St.


Music publishing has become one of the most important and interesting revenue streams for performing songwriters in the new music economy. Publishing also provides marketing opportunities for artists and record labels.

This panel of experienced music publishers will discuss everything artists, managers, and labels need to know about music publishing including how to shop your own work, how and when to enter into a publishing deal, and what different avenues exist to exploit your songs.

Just Added: SOCAN Info Lunch at 12pm, prior to the music publishing panel.

Rodney Murphy, SOCAN's Education & Outreach Manager, will be on hand to answer any questions you have about the organization and membership including: how to become a SOCAN member, completing and submitting live performance reports, info on radio and television payments, and how BDS/DAI technology works for tracking radio plays; and any questions you might have about SOCAN and its benefits. Plus, free lunch.

Mark Jowett
... co-founded Nettwerk Productions in 1984. He began his career as the main writer and guitar player for Moev. Mark is the key A&R person at Nettwerk with his focus on the creative aspects of the careers of the artists including choosing songs, producers and studios. He has been involved in expanding Nettwerk’s presence as a label on the international scene, especially in Europe. Mark has sat on many FACTOR juries awarding grant money to artists. He helped produce the Juno award winning album “Shiver” by the Rose Chronicles. Mark is regarded as one of the best A&R representatives in Canada with an extraordinary ability to attract talent and was responsible for bringing Sarah McLachlan and Avril Lavigne to Nettwerk’s attention.

Cheryl Link
... is the Creative Manager at Peermusic Canada Inc. and is responsible for all domestic songwriters and artists, as well as for promoting the Peermusic worldwide catalogue to Film, TV, and advertising agencies.  The Peermusic catalogue includes, to name but a few, The Tragically Hip, Dean McTaggart, Murray McLauchlan, and The Stampeders, along with many up and coming writers like Greg Johnston, Hawksley Workman, Matthew Barber and Sebastien Grainger.  Some of Cheryl’s many accomplishments include advertising placements for Telus, Toyota , KitKat and McDonalds, feature films and televisions shows (The L Word, Trailer Park Boys, Being Erica, Fugitive Pieces, Over My Dead Body) as well as radio hits from Eva Avila, Brian Melo, Kalan Porter, Amy Sky and Theo Tams.

Patrick Curley a Montreal entertainment lawyer and a founding partner of Third Side Music, a music publishing and copyright administration firm. Since its creation in 2005, Third Side Music has become one of the most active and well respected music publishing companies in Canada. It now controls a catalogue of three thousand titles by over thirty canadian artists, acts as sub-publisher for a number of important catalogues in Canada and the United States, and has obtained hundreds of licenses in films, TV shows, advertisement and video games from dozens of the top producers in Canada and the United States. Beyond its core music publishing activities, Third Side Music offers consulting services, music rights clearance, music supervision and other related services, as well as acting as licensing agent on behalf of independent artists, labels and publishers.

Rodney Murphy
... is the Education and Outreach Manager for SOCAN - the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada. Prior to his current role at SOCAN, Rodney spent 5 years managing the catalogues and performance royalties of SOCAN’s highest earning Country, Rock and Pop members. In this role, Rodney ensured that all SOCAN revenue streams such as concert, radio, TV and foreign performances and earnings had been maximized and distributed.

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