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Allen Hunnie: Mastering Engineer/ Mix Engineer/ Recording Engineer/ Musician/ Juno Judge/ Factor Juror: Offers World-Class Mixing and Mastering services. Working with some of the biggest names on the Canadian music scene including Loverboy, Streetheart, McMaster and James, The WSO, Harlequin,Vav Jungle,Papa Mambo, Sweet Alibi,Kyle Riabko,Katie Murphy and Heather Bishop. Allen Hunnie combines cutting edge digital technology with some the best analog tools available. Offering highly competitive rates for both Mixing and Mastering services. Contact Allen Hunnie for a free one song sample of your own music Mixed and Mastered or just Mastered. Allen Hunnie Audio Inc. also offers these services if you need a Producer | Recording Engineer |Photographer/ Graphic Artist (has designed many album covers) |Full Broadcast Video, Publicist and Global Marketing (get you're track delivered to over 100 main stream and college radio stations in North America. if you're in need of any of these services contact me now at


Allen Hunnie
Winnipeg MB Canada R3M1A3
1 204 284 7555

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