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J.P. Hoe

Adult Contemporary, Folk, Pop, Singer/songwriter

Who is JP Hoe? Ask the 2,500 people who after seeing him open for Jann Arden on her Uncover Me Tour, rushed the merch booth to buy his EP, The Live Beta Project. Ask the hundreds of Winnipeggers who turn out for his tongue and cheek theme gigs, like the perennially sold out JP HOE HOE HOE Holiday Show.

Music legend Seymour Stein thinks JP would be huge in Southeast Asia, and was bang on the money when JP played two festivals in Australia last October. A Western Canadian Music Awards jury thought his full-length debut, The Dear John Letters, was one of the top pop recordings and songwriting efforts of 2008. This is a songwriter who gets people talking.

They talk, for instance, about his sound. It’s hard to pin down. The melodies are always fluid, the lyrics clear-eyed. And of course, there’s always JP’s voice, a classic instrument that rasps with weight beyond his years.

The beginning of 2012 will see JP release his fifth effort Mannequin, “tight, focused & confident” are the words JP uses to describe the album completed this past September.

What happens next? More music. More albums. More cross country tours, more dates in cities like Melbourne, New York, Austin and Los Angeles, where he’s wooed crowds before. More sizzling shows with his deft backing band, the Truly Richards. This artist continues to reach new heights.

"I defy anyone to see JP Hoe in concert and not become an immediate and steadfast fan. He is the real deal - talented, charming, charismatic - he writes songs that stick in your head as much for the enduring melodies as for his thoughtful lyrics - from witty pop songs to achingly evocative ballads - JP just never disappoints."

Heather Moore, Producer, National Arts Centre Prairie Scene

"JP Hoe is that rare breed of songwriter whose lyrical substance separates him from the masses of pop music artists who seem to produce one underwhelming cliche hit after the next. JP, on the other hand, has the ability to create music that is refreshingly honest, accessible, and musically satisfying. From the instant I first saw him perform, I knew that he had "it" -- the songwriting, vocal, and musical ability necessary to distinguish himself as a real artist and earn respect in this industry."

Jacquelyn Brioux, Head of Music Licensing CORE MUSIC  



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J.P. Hoe
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