À La Mode

À La Mode

Electronic Francophone Indie Pop Prog Rock Synthpop


À La Mode is an electropop duo whose whimsical songs sound like the knick knack collection you inherited from Grand-maman, like a worn summer dress you wear to sigh in on rainy days, like the chillest rave you ever attended in the 90s, like the end of an episode of the third season of Twin Peaks.

Influences include Tears for Fears, Tame Impala, Grimes, Tasseomancy, Max Martin, Elliott Smith, Kate Bush.

À La Mode released an album entitled Perfection Salad in fall 2016. It was on the national !earshot charts for several weeks and has also received significant play on CBC as well as college radio in the U.S.. The duo plans to record an album in spring 2018 and do a bit of touring subsequently.


“Gifted with the ability to communicate emotional gravity and feelings of lovelorn anguish. Bouncy synth-based indie pop is À La Mode’s canvas to paint beautiful ... imagery that also describes deep emotion." - Grayowl Point




"Est-ce qu'on s'aimera"



"Auguries of Innocence"


Auguries of Innocence by À La Mode

Total Doom by À La Mode

Bummer Summer (live on BRBR Le Conquérant) by À La Mode

Ce sentiment (live sur BRBR Le Conquérant) by À La Mode

BRBR Le Conquérant - 3 questions avec À La Mode by À La Mode

Bummer Summer by À La Mode

New Leaves by À La Mode

Just A Boy by À La Mode


Perfection Salad

Perfection Salad À La Mode

Released: September 29, 2016

Producer: À La Mode, Mortfell Recording

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À La Mode EP

À La Mode EP À La Mode

Released: December 14, 2014

Producer: Mortfell Recording

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