Festival du Voyageur Unveils Lineup for 2023 Edition

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Ça Claque!
À La Mode
Al Simmons
Alex Maher
Alpha Toshineza
Amos the Kid
Andrina Turenne
Anthony OKS
Bo Legged
Bobby Dove
Boy Golden
Brandi Vezina
Caid Jones
Desiree Dorion
Double the Trouble
Dr Henry Band
Dust Rhinos
Fire & Smoke
Fortune Block
Gator Beaulieu
Jérémie & The Delicious Hounds
Jace Bodner
Jade Turner
Jane & Kyle
JC Campbell
Jeannine Guyot
Joey Landreth
Justin Lacroix
Kelly Bado
Kris Ulrich
Les Surveillantes
Lev Snowe
Love Letter Writers
Madame Diva
Martin Desjarlais
Matt Foster
Mitchell Makoons
Morgan Grace
Neighbour Andy
Nelson Little
Olivia Lunny
Onna Lou
Patti Kusturok
Quinton Blair
Rickson Makwe
Roman Clarke
Rory Verbrugge
Sam Singer
Sweet Alibi
The Craig and Ash Band
The Duhks
The Family Planners
The JD Edwards Band
The Noble Thiefs
The Prairie Joggers
The Remedies
The Solutions
The Stanley County Cut-Ups
The Sturgeons
The Sun Runner
Tyler Del Pino
Victoria Turko
Winston Wuttunee

Manitoba's premier winter festival gearing up for 2023! Festival du Voyageur has unveiled the programming for this year's festival, which has a well-earned reputation for booking diverse acts covering just about every genre imaginable, from traditional tunes to hip hop to indie rock to roots.

Beyond the ice sculptures, beard growing, and the warmth of caribou, the February institution is a busy music festival, offering music fans a celebration of Franco-Manitoban culture with music taking centre stage. The 10-day event, which kicks off on February 16, boasts over 160 live music performances, including plenty of homegrown talent and local heroes. 

This year's list of local artists includes stellar local names including À La Mode, Al Simmons, Alex Maher, Alpha Toshineza, Ami Cheon, Andrina Turenne, Anthony OKS, Beauséjour, Bobby Dove, Booter, Boy Golden, Brandi Vezina, BULLRIDER, Burnstick, Desiree Dorion, Dr Henry Band, Dust Rhinos, EZOMAN, Fire & Smoke, FONTINE, Fortune Block, Gator Beaulieu, HAVS, HipShakeJérémie & The Delicious Hounds, Jace Bodner, JC Campbell, Jeannine Guyot, Joey Landreth, Kelly Bado, Kilusan, Kris Ulrich, Leossa, Lev Snowe, Love Letter Writers, Madame Diva, Martin Desjarlais, Matt Foster, Mattmac, Mitchell Makoons, Morgan Grace, mountain.seed, Neighhour Andy, Nelson Little, Onna Lou, Patti Kusturok, Quinton Blair, Rickson Makwe, Rory Verbrugge, Sam Singer, SoulBear, Sweet Alibi, The Family Planners, The Haileys, The JD Edwards Band, The Noble Thiefs, The Praire Joggers, The Remedies, The Solutions, The Stanley County Cut-Ups, The Sturgeons, Tyler Del Pino, Victoria Turko, VVonder, and more!

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