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Ben Rüsch's solo project, n e u r o s h o c k, has released a new single called "Submission".  Rüsch has moved into a more industrial direction, with much darker themed lyrics and cold, mechanical beats.  While his main band PROVIDENCE continues with its pandemic fuelled hiatus, Rüsch explores his first musical love, new wave and synthesizer music.  

"If you don't hear the kind of music you like to listen to on the radio, make your own." Rüsch is "...very new at this - an avid hobbyist, really", but has been earning accolades from his peers in what he calls "synth world".

"I don't know if there is a neuroshock album coming in the future.  As long as I continue to have ideas, I'll keep writing and recording.  For now, I'll continue releasing my music as singles."

Unusually for this genre of music, Rüsch tends to avoid programming drums and keyboard riffs, instead preferring to perform all the parts himself.  Also new on "Submission", Rüsch has tried his hand at singing.  "Like I said, I'm a drummer.  I hide behind a big kit and make my noises.  But with neuroshock, I've been trying so many things for the very first time and I'm still finding my way and learning, and building my confidence as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, which I'm not"

neuroshock currently has three singles released. the first one released in February 2021.

Submission by n e u r o s h o c k


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