Murray Jowett - Violin

Alternative Celtic Folk Rock

Murray Jowett - Violin


Freelance neo-traditional freestyle grunge fiddle artist.  Strong classical, Celtic, Blues and Appalachian Old-Time influences.  

If you want to make protest music, experimental music, or music that builds community, let's do it.

If you would like someone to play some down and dirty rock-fiddle for your kick-ass band, give me a call!

I will play at your wedding or your jewelry store for $500.  Funerals are on the house.


My experience is wide-ranging but highlights include a long stint with former celtic rock outfit Banshee's Wail ("One of Winnipeg's best live acts" - The Uniter), collaboration in the Reykjavík Arts Festival with Ragnheiður Harpa Leifsdóttir in the radio-play "Páfuglar Heimskautanna", guest accompaniment/stripping with the Dizzy Diddlin' Fragglebits burlesque syndicate, and touring with a variety of groups including Raine Hamilton.  Plenty of recording experience.

Most recently I've worked with Logan McKillop and Carly Dow on their coming albums (which will be excellent!), and am looking forward to starting rehearsals with the MUSAIC Chamber Orchestra.


Murray Jowett
Winnipeg MB Canada R3G2P2
1 204 807 0877


Cerveau Ramolli with Lisa LeBlanc - Winnipeg, MB by Murray Jowett - Violin

Shady Grove with Leeroy Greene (Kid In the Background Studios) - Clifftop, WV by Murray Jowett - Violin

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