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Pleasure from Precision Remixed

Pleasure from Precision Remixed

By Kasm

Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Balanced Records Inc.

True to form, a remix album had to happen. For a while, we believed Solidaze wanted this release because he wasn't completely satisfied with some of the original mixes. Really, it was more about giving it a full Balanced treatment. Fascade@137db's strips Lost Touch bare in a reflective ballad that gives goosebumps. Nightime in El Canton receives the Kasm touch with head nodding rhythms and a chilled blend of organics. Billy Rockwell purées one part, grinds the other, and then folds Could Be in on itself in the most indiscriminate manner. The Seed Organization adds his trademark smokey dubwise flavour to Lost Touch while keeping it deep down and dirty. Metesthetics gives Memory Stain a reworking deepening the original house track into a spaciously textured shaker. Also from Metesthetics come two previously unreleased tracks: snow is a warm and brooding soother drifting together detailed textures with Spanish guitar, while Desert Silhouettes paints a dreamy landscape of melancholic melodies.

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