Kevin Walters Heads to the Grey Cup

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MANITOBA FILM & SOUND’s Kevin Walters, Manager of Sound Recording Programs, has taken on the role of Managing Director of the 2006 Grey Cup Festival. As such, he will need to focus more time and energy on these festivities as the event draws nearer.

Walters, who chaired the Winnipeg Juno Host Committee in 2005, will continue working full-time with MANITOBA FILM & SOUND until the week of June 26, 2006.

From June 26th to August 31st, 2006 Kevin will only be in the MANITOBA FILM & SOUND offices on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

From September 1st until the end of November, 2006 Kevin will be full-time with the Grey Cup Festival.

During Kevin's absence, people will be able to contact the following in regards to Sound Recording matters:

Anna Walker at 947-2040 ext. 24,  regarding:
- General program questions
- Specific contract questions
- Specific project status questions

Carole Vivier at 947-2040 ext. 13, regarding:
- Program policy issues
- Industry related issues

“We wish Kevin the best of luck planning the Grey Cup Festival,” says Carole Vivier, CEO and Film Commissioner for MANITOBA FILM & SOUND. “Kevin did an outstanding job as Chair of the Juno Host Committee and I have every confidence the Grey Cup Festival will be equally as successful.”

Kevin will resume his full-time duties as Manager of Sound Recording Programs once his Grey Cup Festival duties have been completed on December 1st, 2006.

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