Lipstick Details

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New NBC drama Lipstick Jungle is putting on some Manitoba music for the second week in a row. Last week, singer/songwriter Jaylene Johnson's song "Boomerang" could be heard. This week, viewers can tune in to the show and catch The Details' "A National Anthem," which appears on the quartet's debut album Draw a Distance. Draw a Border.

This isn't the first bit of good news for The Details. The band's album recently debuted at #107 in the CMJ Top 200, which should garner some nice attention south of the border. And south of the border is exactly where The Details are headed; they'll hit Austin, Texas for South by Southwest next month with a showcase on March 12. Shortly before that, the band will be in Toronto for a March 6 showcase at Canadian Music Week.

Hopefully this won't tire the young band out too much because it's headed across the country for a spring touring in April and May. Winnipeg fans can catch The Details at the West End Cultural Centre with Mike Trike and Toronto's The Coast on April 12.

Meanwhile, catch The Details on Lipstick Jungle on February 28 on NBC.

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