Folk Fest Bids Farewell to Trudy

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A press release from the Winnipeg Folk Festival today ended weeks of speculation about executive director Trudy Schroeder's future at the venerable festival. She will take on the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra as executive director.

Schroeder, who has been with the organization for a decade, has helped to shepherd the festival into a time of unparalleled prosperity. Terry Sargeant, president of Folk Fest's Board of Directors, had this to say in today's release:

She leaves with the organization considerably larger than a decade ago, with record crowds at the summer event, with record income surpluses, with a solidly based endowment fund, with year-round programming and with a plan in place to greatly improve the site at Birds Hill Park. And that’s really only the start of the list of her accomplishments.

Given all of her successes with us, it should not be surprising that other groups in town took notice.
Morley Walker unleashed the rumour of Schroeder's move to the WSO in an April 11 article in the Winnipeg Free Press. Schroeder remained tight-lipped and the rumour went uncomfirmed until today's press release. 

Schroeder will stay on at Folk Fest through until the end of July, celebrating the Festival's 35th anniversary.

Now it's time for more speculation... who will take over?

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