Heart Doesn't Heart Republicans

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The Republican National Convention will leave several lasting memories in the hearts and minds of Americans and anyone else able to tune into inspirational biographical videos and endless speeches. Yes, I will forever remember where I was when Alaskan Governer and VP hopeful Sarah "Barracuda" Palin joked that the difference between hockey moms and pitbulls was "lipstick."

I will also remember the revulsion I felt last night when I heard Heart's timeless song, "Barracuda," playing while Palin was on the RNC stage. Her nickname is "Barracuda." From when she played basketball. Whatever.

The Republican organizers could've piped in songs about Alaska, songs by Pitbull, or even songs written by people who wear glasses. But they chose the obvious.

Ann and Nancy Wilson, who are the heart of Heart, didn't much appreciate it, though. Ann Wilson released a statement saying that the band "did not and would not" giver permission for the Republicans to use their '70s classic. Read more about the Wilson sisters' response.

They're not the only ones: John Mellencamp and Jackson Browne have both asked the McCain campaign to stop using their songs.

Meanwhile, Democratic hopeful Barack Obama is trying to steal McCain's beloved Brooks & Dunn.

Canadians can only wait and see what musicians might complain about their songs being used in our own upcoming election. Then again, music may not be necessary anymore...

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