204 Not Stirred

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CBC Radio One's weekly Manitoba-focused arts and culture show finally has a name that reflects what it's about (or at least where it's about)... The 204.

Like its predecessor, Shaken Not Stirred, The 204 is hosted by recent CAMA and APCMA nominee Wabanakwut Kinew. Kinew's video for "If This Was Right" with singer/songwriter Dominique Reynolds. Click here to watch the video. The show is also produced by Sarah Michaelson, a.k.a. DJ and frequent Solidaze collaborator Mama Cutsworth

As an aside... when we changed our name from "MARIA" to "Manitoba Music" a few months ago, we had to rename our quarterly printed newsletter because "MARIATalk" didn't work anymore. In a member-voted survey,"The 204" almost won. Another popular pick was "Stanley." (We ended up not really naming it at all.) Click here to download the fall newsletter (6.5 MB).


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