One Ultimately Liveable City

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Toronto-based freelance writer Noah Richler kinda likes Winnipeg. This means that our fair city has received its semi-regular validation that this ain't a bad place to live, this time from

"That modesty: You realize, after a while, that it has less to do with Winnipeggers underestimating just how fascinating their city is than their knowing, in some quiet part of their being, that if they do the modern thing and share it too much, then they may well lose the conditions that make it such a singular and ultimately liveable city."

Richler spends a decent amount of time talking about the local arts scene, although he mistakenly attributes The Be Good Tanyas to Manitoba (he's probably thinking of another award-winning female folk trio, The Wailin' Jennys). He also reminded me that I don't always have to eat at Spicy Noodle House (although quite frankly, he should've had #128 while he was here).

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I sound incredibly glib but I actually thoroughly enjoyed Richler's article, as well as other articles like these.

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