Independent Record Store Day, a harmonium master and the Flood of '97... whew.

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Remember the olden days when you couldn't download any song ever written?
Where you had to physically go to a store to buy your music?

In honour of this long-forgotten activity, a group of artists and record labels came together for Record Store Day, happening April 18 this year. Music stores great and small join together to celebrate their place in the community.

Winnipeg shops like Music Trader and Into the Music are taking part in the celebration with sweet sale of exclusive records and live music for most of the day. We here at the (204) are gonna play some of that music for you in honour of the occasion. Bands like Novillero and Les Jupes. You know, good stuff.

Also, a special studio session like no other on the (204) this week: Ahmjad Sabir is coming in to play traditional Punjabi folk music on his harmonium.

And in light of the rising Red River these days, we've got an award-winning documentary by Jim Hiscott about music created out of hardship; Winnipeg composer Glenn Buhr wrote his Richot Mass during the flood of 1997. That's airing around 5:40 pm.

And, GIANT NEWS! The West End Cultural Centre finally announced this week when it's re-opening! We've got the dates and artists who will be relaunching one of this city's best venues. Hint: Jo Snyder (formerly of Sixty Stories and Anthem Red) and the Magnificent 7s (current of honky tonk goodness) are a couple featured artists.

So there ya go. Tune in!

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