Canada Unveils Next Attempt at Copyright Reform

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This afternoon, federal Industry Minister Tony Clement released details on the Canadian Government's latest attempt at copyright reform. The last recent attempt, bill C-61 died on the order paper when parliament was prorogued in 2008.

The new legislation is an attempt to balance the rights of copyright holders and consumers. Initial reaction is mixed, which can likely be seen as a victory for the government, as public opinion on this issue is generally weighted heavily against any kind of reform.

Michael Geist, one of the most vocal and most listened to voices in the debate, has offered a guarded response and a good amount of info on his blog.

Additional info is available from: CBC; Globe and Mail; Reuters; and Reuters; Business Week; Winnipeg Free Press.

Specific to music, the proposed legislation creates provisions for private copying between personal devices. In addition, the term of copyright protection for sound recordings for performers and producers will be extended to 50 years from the first release date.

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