Meet the MusicWorks Panelists: James Rewucki and Chris Gaudry

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This feature gives you an inside look at our upcoming MusicWorks panelists. In this installment, we meet James Rewucki and Chris Gaudry, who will be on hand for our 'Point of Views: Viral Videos' workshop on Wednesday, October 17.

James Rewucki, Absurd Machine Films

James has been making films and music for over 25 years, he is the president of Absurd Machine Films and frontman for the band Dr Rage & The Uppercuts. James is the writer / director of the feature film Aegri Somnia which is distributed internationally by RSquared Productions, he has also produced several documentaries for local broadcasters and was director / cinematographer / editor for 13 episodes of the local concert series 'Live at
the West End'. James has directed dozens of videos for local artists; he has worked with Cat Jahnke, Don Amero, Keith and Renee, Daniel Roa, Bryce Pallister, The Nods, Savannah Rae Boyko, and many more....

Chris Gaudry, Pocketgigs

Chris Gaudry is a media producer, musician, and father. As a video producer he created the Pocketgigs music video series, whichfocuses on the spontaneity of live performance, inspired cinematography, and showcases the natural talent of the musicians. Pocketgigs has featured notable Manitoba artists, such as Imaginary Cities, Del Barber, Les Jupes, and Magnum KI, just to name a few.

With the popularity of YouTube, Vimeo, and other video streaming services, creating video content has become an integral part of new artist promotion. This workshop will discuss how to make a budget video look like a million bucks and use it to create buzz and gain fans.

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