90 Seconds or Less - Music Management

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In this instalment of 90 Seconds or Less, Empirical Artist Services' Stephen Carroll, Bonsound's Gourmet Delice, Paul Quigley from Upper Management/Hidden Pony Records, and Jason Burns from Burnt Tree Entertainment/Sonic Entertainment Group took a few minutes to answer questions for our 'Sound Advice: Music Management' workshop.

Manitoba Music, along with Music Managers Forum Canada presented this panel of accomplished and innovative artist managers discussed the state of the Canadian music industry and how managers are helping their artists navigate new opportunities and uncertainties. This workshop addressed the different types of artist/manager relationships, and how managers work with their artist on creative and career development.

New artists, experienced DIY-ers, and aspiring artist managers learned about the challenges of the current music marketplace, and how to overcome them. They discussed the day-to-day work of a manager, as well as the long term planning and team building that goes into building a sustainable career.


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