Meet the MusicWorks Panelists - Introduction to Logic and Pro-Tools

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Get to know a more about Precursor Productions' Andrew Yankiwski, who will be on hand for our Patches and Plugins: Introduction to Logic and Pro-Tools workshops March 25-27.

Andrew Yankiwski, Precursor Productions

Andrew is a producer, educator and expert in audio for digital media. As a partner at Precursor Productions, he has helmed hundreds of projects in the areas of music, audio post-production, voiceover, and game audio over the past 12 years. His passion for growing Winnipeg's creative community is evident in his roles as Apple Certified Trainer & Board member at New Media Manitoba. Andrew is also an avid mountain biker, bodybuilder, and is a non-practicing lawyer.

About the workshop

This workshop will cover the basic Logic and Pro Tools principles. It will provide everything you need to complete a project from initial set up, creating your first session, to final mixdown. Whether your project involves recording live instruments or MIDI sequencing of software synthesizers, this workshop will provide you with the basic skills to succeed.

If you wish to have a chance to participate in this workshop, choose ONE of the following dates and contact Workshop fee is $20 for members, $40 for non-members.


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