Meet the MusicWorks Panelists: Elise Roller and Gil Carroll

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Taking your live show on the road can be one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of your music career…  and it can also be the most challenging. Booking and managing a tour raises all kinds of questions: when to start, where to go, who to contact, what it takes to get people to your show, how to travel on a budget, and many more. Coming up on October 11 at our next DIY Series event on Booking & Managing a Tour, we'll be talking about all the nitty gritty details, and tips and tricks you can use to ensure the most successful DIY tour with two touring veterans.

Elise Roller has been actively involved in the Canadian music scene for nearly a decade touring across North America, both as a solo artist, and in Calgary blues rock band, Go For the Eyes. She spent three years with Pipe & Hat Music Group where she assisted with many industry-related duties including booking tours and acting as a road manager for a number of bands. For the past two years Elise has programmed Pride Winnipeg’s festival main stage and, currently, she can be seen tearing up the stage as the front person of heavy metal grunge band, Solhounds.

Gil Carroll is a Winnipeg born musician, booking agent, concert promoter, composer, and community organizer. Carroll is a founding member and guitarist of Winnipeg based bands Living Hour and Palm Trees and is the co-founder of Real Love Winnipeg, Real Love Summer Fest, and Slow Shine Records. Carroll is vice president of the Winnipeg-based boutique booking agency, First Date Touring - he has booked tours for bands and solo artists all over Canada, USA, and the UK. He has toured extensively in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe with Living Hour. He is also the editor of Manitoba’s only music magazine, Stylus Magazine, and has been a volunteer DJ for the show Space Cadet and staff member with CKUW 95.9 FM for the past five years. 

What is your favourite material object that you own and why is it special?

Elise: I have a necklace with an arrowhead that was gifted to me by a great friend from my time living in the UK. Having had it for over a decade, it holds many special memories.

Gil: My guitars... I have a few but only really play three of them but I guess they are so special because they allow me to do what I love and be creative.

When you were six, what did you say you wanted to be when you grow up?

Elise: A famous singer. Still working on that fame part…

Gil: NBA super star

What are your three favourite foods?

Elise: Spaghetti, Vietnamese food, and sushi

Gil: Candy, Sushi, Baked Lays Chips

What is one of your best veteran touring tips?

Elise: Every gas station has a microwave and boiling water so, instead of fast-food, I bring Uncle Ben’s rice packs or noodle bowls. I also bring my own coffee grounds with a travel French press so I can make gourmet coffee in the gas station using their hot water!

Gil: Be nice to everyone you meet... especially sound people. 

Where is the most interesting place you've toured to, and what made it so unique?

Elise: Muncie, Indiana, Garfield’s birthplace (yes, the cat cartoon). It’s a small college city with most people living below the poverty line but there is so much character, we were so cared for, and the people were super receptive to our music and presence.

Gil: Prague...It was raining the whole time but it was still absolutely beautiful and majestic. One of the best shows I have ever played!

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