Meet the MusicWorks Panelists: Jared Falk and Stefanie Blondal Johnson

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Jared Falk & Stefanie Blondal Johnson

You became a musician because music is your passion and how you express yourself creatively. Ideally, the music should speak for itself but, in reality, what part does brand and image play in the success of your music? Photos, video content, clothing, even how you behave in an interview can all have an impact on how your project is perceived by both fans and industry alike. Joined by Killbeat Music's Jared Falk, an expert in presenting artists to the media, and Mise en Scene's Stefanie Blondal Johnson, a career musician and visual artist, we will discuss the small things that can make a big difference in creating a level of professionalism for your art at our November 8 DIY Series  session, Brand & Image… How Much Does it Matter? 

Jared Falk is the national publicity manager for Killbeat Music, a Canadian music publicity company that has worked to gain national attention for more than 400 album releases. You're likely to find a Killbeat artist featured in magazines and newspapers across the country, charting on the R220, R330, and !earshot, nominated for a JUNO Award, or on the short list of the Polaris Music Prize. Falk has a background in advertising and has previously worked as a music photographer and radio producer.

Stefanie Blondal Johnson is a singer/songwriter in the Winnipeg-based garage pop band, Mise en Scene. She is also a free lance artist and consultant who works with film, photography, branding, and image. 

Get to know them more with our little Q+A...

What item, that you don't have already, would you most like to own?

Jared: Time Machine. I watched Back To The Future 2 the other day, so that's probably influencing my decision here today.

Stefanie: Wow I want a lot of things, a vintage sennheizer md-441 microphone, vintage Chanel quilted purse (a timeless classic)... there's a list. I could go on. 

Which three words would the people closest to you use to describe you the best?

Jared: I asked my wife, she said "Not. Very. Funny"... so I guess that's what they would say?

Stefanie: Creative, leader, tall. 

If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be? 

Jared: Less is more... more or less.

Stefanie: Reach for the top, there's lots of room. 

Who is your favourite person or group to follow on social media and why?

Jared: Donovan Woods on Twitter: dry, self-deprecating, and disdain for Canadian Tire. PUP on Instagram: strategically not giving a shit.

Stefanie: Jodi Dunlop, she's my drummer, creative partner, and best friend. She inspires me all the time. 

What is the best advice you have ever been given relating to your career in music?

Jared: Be nice. The music industry is a pretty small place. 

Stefanie: The ones who make it are the ones who quit last. 

Don't miss your chance to connect with these panelists at the Brand & Image session on November 8.

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