Transmission: Music Business Headlines

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FYI Music News Study: Cities need to understand holistic nature of live music

Noisey Live shows were killing my love for music

The Independent Radiohead's copyright assertions over Lana del Rey's song exemplify the economic oddities of this area of law

MusicWeek Facebook announces licensing deals with Kobalt, HFA/Rumblefish and Global Music Rights

Noisey UK venues finally have a real chance at being protected

Digital Music News Surprise! The ‘Music Modernization Act’ prohibits litigation against streaming services

Buzzfeed Facebook is making big changes to your news feed

Classic FM 25 per cent believe women don’t have the same opportunities as men in the music industry

Digital Music News The Huffington Post rips down an article sharply criticizing Spotify — here’s the original

New Music USA Requited music: anatomy of a scoring gig

Nielsen 2017 Canada music year-end report

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