Transmission: Music Business Headlines

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FYI Music News Independent Artists: The Age of Empowerment

Music Business Worldwide Where are the missing song royalties?

Get Revue Penny Fractions: The Rap Producer in the Streaming Era

Trapital How Distribution Changed Hip-Hop for Better and Worse

mixmag Dance music needs to be more inclusive for disabled artists, DJs and clubbers

Pitchfork How Streaming Is About to Reshape DJ Culture as We Know It

NPR The Remix Race: Why It Pays To Release Songs More Than Once

Izotope Atlantic Records' Recording Engineer, Ebonie Smith, Talks Amplifying the Music Industry

Musobiz Is it time to rethink the music industry’s 24/7 relationship with social media?

Music 3.0 Will The Major Labels Survive Another Music Revolution?

The Brandon Sun Folk festival faces challenges

Music Row Big Loud Records Partners With Nicolle Galyon For Female-Focused Label, Signs Madison Kozak

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