Meet the Mentors: Augustin Sérès, Gabriela Urquiza, Goc O'Callaghan, Rachel Jackson, Simeon Pranger

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Augustin Sérès
Gabriela Urquiza
Goc O'Callaghan
Kiana 'rookz' Eastmond
Rachel Jackson
Simeon Pranger

Reaching listeners across the globe is a major career goal for many artists. From touring and showcasing to sales to streaming and sync placements, breaking past Canadian borders can seem like an impossible task. What does it take to be considered "export-ready"? What are the leading social media platforms and digital strategies that engage fans in other markets? What are labels, agents, and managers from other countries looking for when working with an international act? What are the pieces that should be in place, the numbers that should be reached, and the targets that should be met? Join us on September 30 for the The Road to BreakOut West: Exporting Music to Global Markets workshop to find out and sign up for one-on-one meetings with the mentors on October 1.

Augustin Sérès is a booker from the south west of France working with independant artists across all genres and at a national scale. Two years ago he opened up Sofar Sounds in Toulouse, where he produces two shows per month. Augustin is excited to meet up with artists, managers, and agents to explore potential collaborations.

Gabriela Urquiza is the director of Glamrock Agency, a showbusiness company based in Mexico City. Originally created in Buenos Aires in 1999, Glamrock Agency opened its offices in Mexico City in 2012. The agency is well known in Latin America and US as one of the pioneers in artist development, marketing strategies, booking, and management. Gabriela collaborated in the beginnings of Latin Grammy and LARAS Academy, producing the release of the Academy and the Awards for Latin America in Argentina in 1998 also she brought the first Latin Grammy educational program “Grammy in the Schools” to a Latin American country. She booked artists for dozens of festivals such us Rock al Parque (Colombia), Personal Fest (Argentina), FIIS (Chile), Quito Fest (Ecuador), Vive Latino (Mexico, Portamerica (España), Pal Norte (Mexico), LAMC (NYC), Ruido Fest (Chicago), Nuevo Fest and Hispanic Fiesta (Philadelphia), among others.

Goc O'Callaghan has found it her life-calling to produce awe-inspiring events and experiences. With a passion for the events and music industry, and an ambition to create memories for millions of people, Goc is founder and director of ArcTanGent, an award-winning independent festival, vice chair of the Association of Independent Festivals and founder and director of Ubiqu Live, an international music and live event management and consultancy company.

Kiana 'rookz♖' Eastmond is the founder and director at Sandbox Studios, one of the most successful urban music artist development and recoding facilities in Toronto. With sessions with Cardi B, Tory Lanez, Kid Ink, and most of the city's up and coming, Sandbox has become a staple in the scene. Former music manager and now an award-winning serial entrepreneur, rookz is a public speaker, consultant and innovator, sitting on panels from Toronto to New York, and all over the world, 'rookz' is quickly becoming one of Toronto's stars behind the stars. 

Rachel Jackson is a young, vibrant music executive rising through the ranks as she continues to expand her reach from Atlanta, GA into the global territory. As a native of the City of Atlanta and alumna of the illustrious Clark Atlanta University's School of Business, Rachel places much emphasis on creating opportunities for youth in her hometown. In addition to her position as director of A&R at Roc Nation, Rachel also sits on the board ofaAdvisors for Diddy's annual REVOLT Summit.

Treetop Agency is a booking agency based in Utrecht/Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Founded early 2015 out of a passion for finding the perfect match between artist and atmosphere, Simeon Pranger's vision with Treetop is borderless. An eclectic roster of artists from 14 countries is the current status. Besides booking Dutch shows, Simeon coordinate the European tours for both domestic as well as international acts.

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