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The New York Times The Long Complicated History of Urban Music

Vulture The Grammys Renames Its Rap, R&B, and Latin Categories in Sweeping Rule Changes

In These Times When We Talk About Cultural Appropriation, We Should Be Talking About Power

Vice What You Can Do to Protest Racial Injustice in the Music Industry Right Now

Noisey The Music Industry Fails Black People Every Day

Teen Vogue Halsey Announces New Black Creators Fund

BBC The Story of Queer Country Music – and Its Message of Hope

Winnipeg Free Press Pandemic Polls Provide Arts Groups With Audience Insight

Pitchfork How Independent Music Venues Are Fighting for Their Existence

Exclaim Canadian Indie Venues Rally to Save Concert Industry: "Without Venues, the System Collapses"

Rolling Stone Songwriters Are Already Fighting For Better Pay. But in 2021, They Face an Even Bigger Battle

Music Industry Blog Artists are Learning How it Feels to be a Songwriter

Independent ‘My Neighbours Think I’m Losing It’: From Livestreams to Virtual Reality Raves, How Musicians Are Coping Without Touring

The Verge Twitch Streamers Are Getting Blindsided by Years-Old Copyright Notices

The Guardian Why Musicians Are Switching to Twitch to Broadcast From Home 

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