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Here's your weekly go-to for the latest music business articles related to trends, news, market development, equity and inclusion, and important changes in today's evolving music industry.

IQ Keychange Unveils Pledge Action Plan: The Gender Equality Initiative Has Shared A New Four-point Plan Focused On Development And An Industry-wide Call To Action

Billboard The Imperative Need to Protect Black Women 

The Guardian ‘It Was A Proper Shebeen, Man!’: How Sistermatic Blazed A Trail For Black Queer Sound Systems

Music Radar Inside The Fight To Fix Streaming: “It's Absolutely, Fundamentally Broken. Some People Are Getting Paid An Awful Lot Of Money, And No One Else Is Getting Anything”

Billboard How the Music Industry Is Taking a Page From ‘Dry January’ With New Approaches to Addiction Recovery 

Music Ally #LetTheMusicMove Campaign Expands to US Over Visa-Cost Fears

NME Cost Of Living And Last Minute Gig-goer Decisions “A Perfect Storm” For Grassroots Music Venues

Vice Is AI Music a Genuine Threat To Real Artists? Yes, No, It's Already Here, It's Complicated.

Digital Music News YouTube Creator Music Is Here for YouTube Partners — Here’s How It Works

Music Business Worldwide ‘It’s Not About Money And Business, It’s About Making People Want To Come Give You A Hug Because They Heard A Song’

Hypebot Sped-up Songs On TikTok – Why Are They So Popular?

IQ Musicians’ Union Backs Fac’s 100% Venues Scheme

Digital Music News Top Justice Department Official Advises Against Using TikTok: ‘We Need to Be Very Concerned’

Music Business Worldwide Spotify Now Has An Activist Shareholder With A History Of Pushing For Price Rises

Variety The Booming Business Of Music Catalog Sales 

Hypebot TuneCore is Testing Royalty Splits

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